Romanian for foreigners

Everyone you know has told you that Romanian is impossibly difficult to learn, that romanians themselves have difficulty avoiding mistakes, that poor language skills are seen here as a sign of poor education and a serious liability for anyone interviewing for a job and now you’re here, among Romanians themselves, at EU’s eastern border, the land of Dracula and you have to learn a language that basically sounds like a cross between Italian, French and some suspiciously Slavic-sounding old language.

We’re here to help. With us, you’ll be speaking Romanian faster than you think; yes, it’s a difficult language that sometimes gets even experts stumped but it’s also user-friendly. We’ll guide you through the difficulties, we’ll show you the interesting and fascinating bits of language, history and culture, and we promise to make you a competent speaker of the language.

We offer language courses for individuals, as well as regular classes for groups. Our instructors are certified to teach Romanian for foreigners.

One course module includes 18 sessions of 100 minutes each. The sessions are held twice a week, according to the calendar below.

The modules of Romania LanguageA1.1/ A1.2, A2.1/ A2.2, B1.1/ B1.2, B2.1/ B2.2 levels

begin when a group of 6 – 8 persons is organized, and is held in the 18:00 – 20:00 time frame.

Individual courses can be customized on request.


At our office in 23A, Polonă street, district 1, Bucharest (Piața Romană area) or at your office (individual courses), if it’s your option.


The module of 18 sessions (group course) costs 720 lei (160 EUR) payable bofore the course begins.

For the registration, please follow the link:

For the individual courses, please, ask for an offer.